O-Choice arrived at Times Square in New York, USA.

06 Jul

  • On January 1, 2021, New York time, Yiwu O-choice Import & Export Co., Ltd, appeared on the “world’s first screen” of NASDAQ at Times Square in New York, USA.

  • As we all know, the giant screen of NASDAQ is the “global focus”. The annual flow of hundreds of millions of people not only affects the Americans, but also attracts the attention of people all over the world, becoming the best stage to “attract the world’s attention”. For the three enterprises on the NASDAQ screen, the appearance is a voice to the world, marking that made in China has gone to the world and has been recognized by the world. It also represents that the influence and cohesion of Chinese brands have been extended all over the world.

  • O-Choice is located in Zhejiang Province, which has a long history and culture and is famous for its silk industry. O-Choice focuses on the quality control of raw materials, pure natural mulberry silk, guarantee for customers who want to improve skin and hair quality!

  • Products in O-Choice are certified by professional institutions (such as OEKO-TEX Standard 100, ISO9001). The office area is located at Guoxin Securities Building in Yiwu. O-Choice follows”customer first, employee second” as corporate culture, customer first: will not refuse customers because of small customer demand, employee second: let every employee live a better life.

  • The invitation to NASDAQ is the starting point, strive for 3-5 years not only silk brand to go global, and once again boarded the Nasdaq public screen after listing.