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Our OEM Service


We provide customization of LOGO.

LOGO customization types include: embroidery LOGO, printed LOGO. 

At the same time, it also provides customization of washing labels, woven labels, etc.

2. Package OEM

We provide customized packaging.

Packaging customization types: PP plastic bag customization, frosted bag customization, high-end carton customization, and high-end hard carton customization. 

On the box, you can print your own LOGO, icon or text.

3. Color OEM

We provide customization of fabric colors.

Packaging customization type: any color, also can provide unique pattern printing customization. 

We use high-quality dyes and printing materials to keep the color of the fabric without affecting the silky texture.

Our OEM Advantage

1. Low MOQ customized packaging and logo
2. Ultra-low logistics price
3. Free inspection and packaging
4. 7*24 hours after-sales service
5. Free warehousing service
6. Free design packaging
7. Free Social Media Influencer Advertising
8. Free product images and videos
9. Event discounts and free samples
10. One-stop shopping

OEM process